The Number One Thing That Makes A Great Coin

People ask me, "What is the number one thing I can use to identify a coin I should care about?"

And I'll tell you. THAT. What just happened to Dent.

You now KNOW a coin can scramble from absolute obscurity to 280 percent growth in HOURS, then HOLD 243 and a brand new top 100 position.

Make a ton of people rich, that then cashed out, and had all that bought right back up, a second group of people then made 60 percent, now a new group of holders is firmly making 50 percent already, and will make a ton more as it climbs the top 100. 

Because the number one thing that makes a great coin great is THIS happening one time. Seeing it proves it's possible for that coin. And that unfair advantage of people knowing Dent can just jump 280 percent is that happening again and again and again.

It's like highschool all over again. Keep your eye on the stand out performer.

Everyone else does.

Love ya,

What a great day of trading.

Night Night.


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