Why You Should Never Worry About The Value Of Bitcoin When Trading


echoed the vale...

TEN FUCKING PEOPLE bugging me personally within a two hour time period (you know who you are)

And Bitcoin went from like, 18k to 16k. Or, barely a 9 percent move.

See, that's what people aren't understanding. So that's 9 percent you might lose on Bitcoin if it goes back up in 2 days while you have money out on trades.


No. Because the profit potential on almost any other top 30 coin is better short term than Bitcoin. Almost every single time. Even if it goes on a wild tear, and the coins you have drop some percentage, because THEY are based on Bitcoin,  you typically come out slightly ahead or even after a Bitcoin charge resolves.

It's about patience. Plus, there's an entire way you aren't looking at things because of your programmed fear response:

WE WANT Bitcoin to tumble once in a while. That's what creates those legendary alt coin lottery opportunities. When something shoots up 138 percent. Dent was heaven. Those are possible because of Bitcoin having a bad day once in a while.

It's the circle of Bitcoin.



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