Captain Reality Check: Or.. Why Bitcoin Is King

What people seem to forget in their zeal to put Bitcoin on an electric chair is... 

That's reality.

So, let me explain reality to you.

Bitcoin did 22 billion dollars on a bad day.

Ripple fell the fuck apart at 8 billion and is falling now because of that.

just that.

Eth did 6 bill like it was nothing.

Was not even stressed. It could have done 8 times more. We've seen it do it.

THAT IS WHY Ripple is falling like a fucking stone, and Eth is rising.

It's simply better.

And outside of hopes and dreams, Eth simply being so much better than Ripple matters again.

Like it always has.


For like what, the 19th time now?

This pattern is so old it's painful. it's the, 

"People that were stupid enough to trust Ripple"


Sidenote: Nem could have easily handled all of these transactions.

All by itself.

Love you,


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