Headroom Explained Using Ripple Rumors

"Ripple is going 10000 dollars like Bitcoin!"

No it isn't.

It might hit six bucks. Someday.

Because of Headroom.

Headroom is how I made my Nem call yesterday. I knew how high it COULD go because I looked at the headroom.

You look at the market.

You look at how it's trending.

You look at how much market cap the coins have where you expect your coin to land.

You do napkin math and figure out what value the coin would have to be to reach that value.

You now have a great idea how high the coin CAN go. Its headroom.

Headroom is one part of what I call "inspecting the cage". If you understand the size of the cage, you can figure out how big the animal can grow.

Yes, I know this makes no sense while it also does.

This is how I make all my big calls. It's also an overall part of a philosophy I keep repeating.

Don't play a coin. Play a market.



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