My Biggest Blind Spot

Right now the market is growing towards 700 Billion, and will likely settle down around 750B soon because that's a psychologically pleasing number we'll agree on en masse.

But I'm kinda lost with Bitcoin Dominance being under 50 percent in a growing market. It's all brand new territory. I don't know these patterns.

I'm rapidly learning them. It requires making calls about Ripple, BCH, and Eth, and also noticing when some coin like EOS or NEM starts rising to take them out. Which I expect will happen eventually.

It's hard because of just too many variables. Like if there was no need to account for Cardano and Iota and how they affect the top ten, it would be about ten times easier. But it wouldn't have to be that. Any number of things could change and it be ten times easier to just see things.

For now I'll try to concentrate on the "short game". Which is fine. It's traditionally more profitable anyway. I'd suggest holding BTC, BCH, XRP, Litecoin, and Eth for now. I do. In significant amounts. That will change once I have a firmer handle on what direction things are going. Then all of them but Eth and BTC will drop back down to "just in case" amounts so I don't feel bad if they pop hard later.

I'll try to get my head back into things. It's just, so many variables now.



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