And Things Get More Interesting + Dailies Update

What the fuck do you do with this market? I don't know. I miss the old easy pattern. 

Bitcoin rises, everything else falls. The second Bitcoin halts, buy the coins that start rising first. That's it. Hell, put those coins up for 25 percent. They'll sell. That's how it used to be. You end up with a huge pile of Bitcoin, then Bitcoin rises, and the whole process repeats itself. The only tricky part was calling it. When it was starting. A false start could cost you a fortune if you misplayed it.

But this new market? 

No idea. Bitcoin might rise with everything. Hell, or not.

Want to know why? Bitcoin is very slowly becoming less important. It is the Windows 95 of coins. This is technology damnit. How much love do you have for Windows 95? Right? Granted, Windows 95 did not make you money. We get attached to things that do. But it's getting hard not to notice things like:

1) Ethereum is regulated. Bitcoin is not.
2) Ethereum can scale to forever with fast transaction times. It could serve an entire Solar System with currency in its current form with zero modifications. Bitcoin keeps having shitty kludges attached to it that fall apart when volume rises.
3) Ethereum has actual value outside being a kickass currency with stupid fast transaction times. It's the Godfather of Smart Contracts. And they are being used, and people love them.

At some point Ethereum is going to pass Bitcoin. Simply because it's better.


: )

Nem is far superior to Eth in just about every way.

We'll let the market decide if that matters.

Very soon. : )

Pay attention to what I'm not talking about. I'm not talking about it because it loses every aspect of this discussion. 

So, my SC sold from Polo (finally). My only "bag" is that XMR on HitBTC. But it will sell. I know. Monero will be top 5 eventually. It's just so very good. It always has been. And the weird thing about crypto? Karma factors. It might take a while but simply being very good is enough. The Digibyte on Bittrex also sold. But yanno, Digibyte always seems to sell. It's very reliable that way.

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