Dailies and Updates

So yeah, saw so many coins I liked today. I still have four left of my last ones up top. All Polo. GNT is looking mighty good. So is Eth of course. Steem is also looking good. Ardor is close to making itself a permanent long for me. Look at their charts. Look for the buy support. Doge has been so reliable. I just noticed I forgot to get more Digibyte. I might add some. 

Note: I'm not saying "go buy these coins right now". Do the research. Buy them on dips when they look like they are about to swing up. Use the tools. Use the chart. Also, I tend to get back into fast movers a lot. If they dip or plateau and show good buy support. On some days I'll get back in Doge 5 times. Every time a carefully researched thing. 

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