Mining For Exchanges Part 1: HitBTC or, How To Play A Small Exchange

I adore HitBTC. Why? Even though they are a small exchange, they are an AWESOME exchange. I love their tools. Love their interface. I love being able to quickly liquidate or buy at market rate. 

What I do is mine to it. I use MinerGate:

To mine BCN

Which I transfer to HitBTC using their awesome free miner's free wallet:

I then put the BCN up for THIRTY percent higher than whatever the current price is.
(note: when this was written both BCN and Nem weren't the big players they are now. Put the BCN up for 10 percent now. Not 30. And actually put it up on a dip or plateau with buy support. Don't just blindly throw it up anymore)


Because BCN is spiky as hell on HitBTC. It will sell. lol. Every single time.

I then take the growing pile of bitcoin and buy NEM. Why?

The picture above was me going back to take a picture of my current wallet because I forgot to get a shot with the Nem order in place. You'll notice my Nem is missing. Here's why:

That's a notification from HitBTC in my lower right. I love HitBTC.

That's letting me know the test bid I put up 10 minutes prior for 20 percent higher just sold. Nem is VERY spiky on HitBTC. : )
(note: Nem is still very spiky on HitBTC, but not the same. Take your time, do it right)

Just pointing a bunch of spare computers running MinerGate's free CPU MINING software, I've made about a hundred bucks with BCN and trading on HitBTC. That's about ten times more than its original mined value.

I highly recommend the BCN > Xem > BTC opportunity on HitBTC right now.
(note: this is more true now.)

: )

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