New Dailies Soon

I've had ONE HELL of a cold. You'll notice my posting frequency took a hit. I'm still sick. Either way, I haven't been ignoring the market so much as doing lazy "mids" with Nem. If Nem falls, you just buy it. If it falls more you buy more. You'll get it back. I always do. Because of the Nem dynamic.

*Nem falls, 10,000+ buys start. Check. You'll see it. It's people buying for harvesters.
*The Nemwhales put up walls (sorry) so we can keep buying it cheap lol

It's a good time to buy in. The problem is sometimes this causes a tumble. You have to understand you have all these folks with Harvesters that were perfectly happy with the money they were making. They can't hold it down forever. So it springs back up and you get paid.

I'll try to do some dailies tomorrow. It should be a good trading day. Unless Bitcoin continues its relentless march. We may see a premature dip in alts. This is all unknown territory. We have these weird "all skate" days now where everything rises with Bitcoin. I hope those start forming a predictable pattern


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