What Am I Holding?

At some point, I'm going to put up a list of addresses on the left.

<--------------------------  there

It's going to be a slick way to know what coins I'm holding long. I have day-to-day picks and long picks. So even my list of donation addresses will be information.

But what am I holding right now? Sure

On Polo I'm holding:  

Ardor, I already posted about. Same with Nem (Xem). Zec I'm holding because I'm mining it. Zec is what I call an "occasional breakout". So I typically let big piles form on Polo, then wait for movement, and put it up for 20-30 percent. The wait can be weeks at times with Zec (Zcash). 

On Bitrex I'm holding:

That's right. Bitcoin.   "But, why hold bitcoin?"

Yup. It's going up over 2K. In the very least you want some to hedge your bets. So I'll wait until Bitcoin stops wandering around and finds a new floor, then I'll re-invest it.  

On HitBTC (fun little altcoin exchange), I'm holding:

Little bit of Bitcoin (like 0.0002. Not really holding it here), lots of Bytecoin (I mine it, but it also makes stupid money if you are patient).  Eth (my last pile. This is hedging bets). Monero (XMR) is what I call a "mid". ZCash above is the same kind of thing. You can almost buy it at any time, and put it up for 20 percent higher, and within a week it will sell every time. The problem is this coin can crush the soul of the uninitiated. ZCash is the same way. They both have this habit of just dropping 10 percent immediately after you buy them. There's a very good reason for that. Just, don't freak out and immediately sell. Be patient with both of these. 

There is never ever ever a situation where you should be selling a coin for less than you paid. Ever. Never. If you are about to do this stop. It is literally always the wrong decision. Unless you are paying some ransom or need insulin or something I guess. 

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