So, What I Think Is Going On (Sorry it has been a while)

So, I've been crazy busy. Working on multiple projects, and dealing with a handful of crises. Thing is, nothing really changed about how to deal with the market... until today. Prior to today it was:

1) Wait for the market to get all red and scary
2) Buy 7-10 different coins when they hit rock bottom
3) Wait the 2-3 days for the entire market to rise
4) Sell all your coins as close to the peak as you can
5) Convert them to USD or USDT and wait for the market to tank again

And I mean, other than that being boring as all hell, it definitely works. Definitely makes money. And that method has/had been valid for about two months now. However, today we see a familiar pattern emerge.

Since BP91 succeeded and we basically got a bloodless, effortless Bitcoin SegWit (which is absolutely amazing) a few things are true now.

1) Bitcoin Cash is something you can safely ignore.
(We put up with Bitcoin acting like Bitcoin. We won't put up with something that isn't Bitcoin acting like Bitcoin)

2) The coins that can handle "Visa" level transactions per second are indeed outperforming the rest of the market. (I see you EOS and Nem) and recovering faster and earlier.

3) The coins that don't offer any real technical advantage aren't recovering as much, and are slowly losing ground to the coins that do.

In short, something I've been preaching for a while is slowly becoming evident. The Tech is starting to matter. A lot. It's influencing the market more each day. Based on today's pattern, and the latest news...


1) I see bitcoin hitting 3500 off the strength of BP91 doing so well. Probably before Monday (the 31st).

2) I'd have thought there would be trepidation about the "split" that isn't a split anymore, but clearly there will not be. That's not to say that the Bitcoin Cash folks aren't going to try like hell to pretend they still matter, but I just don't see people caring.

3) I expect Nem and EOS to keep outperforming the rest of the market as they are known to be able to handle Visa level transactions per second now, whereas even long-term favorites like Bitcoin and Ripple and Eth can't make that claim yet.

4) I see a return to sane trading. The way it was earlier in the year. I see this market correction taking about a week. So figure by next Friday, we may see a return to a more stable, 100+ Bill crypto market without the wild swings and speculation.

5) I see the overall market climbing to 200 Bill over the next month. Because unless the doomsayers come up with some new doom to peddle, there won't be anything to stop it.

Enough people have been burned over scam ICO's and fly-by-night token coins that the major cause for, and driving force behind the constant attacks, and massive losses of profit are simply gone now. We'll be back to a market with no real predator that can take it out. Not that we have one now. Right now we are slowly leaving a market besieged by the spitting llamas of get-rich-quick schemes. They can't destroy the market, but they sure did stink it up a lot for a while.

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