The Regulated Currency


When the current bullshit fear artificially driving down the market (that bounced back anyway, duh) is the all currency might get regulated fantasy... (follow me here)

What does Ethereum have to worry about since it's ALREADY REGULATED?

Mind blowing huh.

You should probably buy a fuckton of Ethereum. Like I did when it was 12 bucks.

Yeah. I mean I can't stress how much of a no-brainer this is. While Bitcoin is struggling to pretend it can remove it's head from it's ass and somehow become a coin that doesn't fall apart at 2 bill trade volume, Eth is not only already regulated, it has proven it can do 100 bill trade volume easy because of the almost constant DDoS attacks. Thanks Ripple attackers!

Thanks for showing us what to buy.

(requires a song with attitude to really make the point)


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