I've hinted about tips, but I don't ask. And I've returned portions of tips if somebody sent me way too much. I'm getting a lot of Ethereum these days because a lot of folks got hip to the Eth/BTC "seesaw" I've been advocating.

Well, I'm simply not hurting and not doing bad. I'm not advertising. I am taking TEN dollar tips. Or 50 if you really did make a lot, but Jesus, I got handed over 50 Eth today and ended up having to send back about 45 of it. Just, a tip doesn't have to try to impress me. You don't have to try to make friends with me, or ask me to be your "broker". I get that a lot also. Just, profit from me. And if you make a few grand? Send me what you'd spend on a friend at starbucks or a bar. The more important thing is making good traders. WE ALL win if we are all good traders. And that's enough.

I'm doing fine. Make it a small amount that says "thanks". Even a buck is fine. In fact, make it a damn buck. Every time. Give me a buck if something I told you made you money. You won't impress me with more. I'll just send most of it back. But I will say, thanks.

Validation is awesome. And a huge amount of Eth does make me feel like I'm making a difference here and creating good traders. But it's the thought that counts. Make it a buck. That's fine. And moving forward, if I do get more, I'll just keep a buck and send the rest back.

If I'm rocking at this, I don't need your money. I got mine.


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