Bitcoin Cash Replay and Predictions

Here is a coin dying due to lack of interest. Let's pick up this tale mid-day August 1st.

Feeling immense desperation because their coin was about to drop below 260 USD in value despite having a 360-ish opening price, SOMEBODY pumped the shit out of it. Programmed.

"If it drops a hundy below release pricing, pump the shit out of it"

And so they did. BOOM, it shoots up over 420 in blazing speed.

Then the pump stops..

And a whole bunch of people say "fuck it, I'm out with money" and it drops like a stone another hundy EXACTLY before they freak out and pump it again.

This time they get it to about 370 before either running out of cash, or recognizing a sinking ship and just giving up, and at that point people were like "fuck it, I'm getting out in one piece". And so they did.

It falls like a murdered god to the mid 230's, gets a weak rally to 290, then falls to the FAKE FLOOR, 210 USD.

Why fake? because at that point they give up and just throw everything they have at it. They pump the everloving shit out of Bitcoin Cash. So no. That floor is not real. They want to hope you believe 210 is the real floor, but it won't spend any actual time there on its way out of the top ten.

The rest of the history of Bitcoin Cash is just, a series of pumps and dumps to make some quick money off the rubes.

They ended up with a career high of 747 USD. Which is appropriate considering the age of their technology stack.

Now it's just slowly dying as people get the memo. The big clue is the miners giving up on it. Almost no miners means almost no coins. That's why you'll notice real bitcoin has more blocks than Bitcoin Cash already. It's because people care about real Bitcoin

Things are not going to improve for Bitcoin Cash.

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