What a difference a week makes


Last week things looked like this:


I made some predictions. Let's see how I did.

1) Bitcoin didn't hit 3500 by that Friday. It took a little longer, and it's closer to 3300.

2) Bitcoin Cash is in freefall. 

3) Better tech coins are winning (Called Nem, was wrong about EOS)

4) The entire market DID recover. The entire market IS up above 100 mill (approaching 120 mill).

5) The coins that have bad tech are either recovering slowly or not at all.

It's a pretty big deal when your market grows by almost 30 billion in a week, yet your coin gets none of that. Worse, it doesn't even grow with the market.

Now imagine releasing a new Bitcoin clone during a 30 billion dollar boom, and your coin still fails?

That has to smart.

That being said, I don't know what's up with EOS. I'm honestly expecting it to be performing better. Nem is exceeding expectations. I hadn't expected it to take out Litecoin already. I see the latest Bitcoin Cash rally failing, and it falling under Nem more than say, Nem reaching up and passing it. I could see Nem hitting 30 though. That would be an ATH, and those are hard to predict.

I still see the entire market growing beyond 200 bill these next few weeks. Again, at this time there's nothing to stop it from happening. Keep an eye out for things like that.

But the important thing? The truly important thing? We have our nice, stable, growing market back finally. 

Let's take advantage of that shall we?

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