I Hope You Bought All Of Those

So, called that and yes that's a pattern I've just noticed. If Eth breaks out alone and is in the green for any short amount of time, it brings everything up with it if it lasts long enough. It's like a magic spell that wakes up the market when the Eth people are in a good mood. Every single time.


Because the fans of certain coins act in certain repeated ways. THE PEOPLE create the patterns. That's pretty logical isn't it? Really simple? If the same group of people clearly operating under the same flavor of dogma always use their in-group's rules that they share on their forums to decide what to do next, THEY DECIDE things like, Nem always outperforming everything right after a BCC/Ripple fight has brought the entire market down and it's starting to recover. That's an aspect of the people that hold Nem. THEY KNOW it will eventually go back up to 30ville. It does something. So that's why you can go back right now and SEE it almost always recovering up to 10 percent more than anything else a lot faster during post red-day recovery. Consistently.

It's the people making the patterns.

Learn how the people that hold a coin typically react after some event or when recovery starts. Groups of people stay consistent in their actions.

That dictates how the coin behaves.

Makes a hell of a lot of sense doesn't it? Demystifies it a lot doesn't it? It's not hard being good at this. It's very time consuming. You have to sit and watch markets and notice how they behave in different situations, then notice if it repeats by looking at history, and waiting for the next time.

That's all I'm doing really. Just, I'm on about 70-75 percent of the time because of a lot of practice. I can get it wrong. And I can get it wrong in a way that hurts if you aren't quick with an exit strategy and the market dips hard. 

But since I diversify, I can be wrong 25 percent of the time and still make money.

That also makes sense doesn't it.

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