A Quick Neat Pattern About To Happen

Bitcoin got tired of being unappreciated.

LOTS of people woke the fuck up today. 


So, so much money is literally just pouring into Bitcoin today that the rest of the market can't keep up. THAT is the value of that BTC Dominance figure up there.


I'll tell you why. Because a pattern that never ever changes is that the rest of the market wants to be exactly the same value as Bitcoin. I could start explaining why, but the short version is because the rest of the market is BACKED by Bitcoin. So it shouldn't be too surprising that it's almost always a 50/50 split and BTC Dominance is generally 50 percent.

"Why does this matter?"

Because the ALTS are going to correct to that level. All of the ones that always recover faster. Hint Hint. About 5 Billion should realistically start pouring into altcoins shortly after Bitcoin finds a new ceiling and starts that "cat nesting" pattern where it acts like a cat trying to lay down for 2 minutes, then settles in at a price for a while.

Look for that to happen. That's the trigger that starts the alt correction.

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