I'm Going To Call This Right now

We might be done.

I could very well be in a position to where I never have to worry about anything ever again. Because I'm holding some amount of the top 30. And whatever happens to Bitcoin (which I hold) is going to happen to the alts. And in the very least, you can expect our 90 billion dollar Bitcoin cap to reach a psychologically pleasing 100B. That's easy. Could happen in hours. And when the Alt market corrects to match it, and we have a 200 Billion dollar market, I'm set.

With my holdings. Like, literally anything can happen to the alts when they level with Bitcoin and I will win.

And with that pattern, and the crypto market not even having 3 percent global penetration yet... 

The equivalent of a fork bomb for profit is about to happen with the crypto market.

And I can just sit back and do absolutely nothing.

That's heaven

I love you guys. I hope you all make a fortune.

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