Trying To Show You What I See

Could be snek

Could be a bent whatsamagigger

It's not.

That's the last few hours of Bitcoin performance.

"But it's just a line!"

Let me tell you everything I see just in that

That's a confidence graph first of all.

So you can see periods of confidence and people selling off stakes.

And you can see it not mattering because so much money is coming in.

And you can see what's happening with those confidence spikes.

They are growing bigger as people that are doing short sells to make a quick profit are realizing:

"Shit, I'm losing money between sells because I'm not getting back in quick enough"

That's this pattern. This is people doing short sells realizing that they are losing money not just holding.

That's all in that ugly green line.

That's what you can see if you look at it for what it is.

A Confidence Graph

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