What's Going To Happen Next

I see this one clear as day. And I've aligned my investments based on this.

So this will hurt bad if I'm wrong, but I'm not.

And I hedge my bets in Fiats and Metals ultimately, so, if I fail HUGE in crypto, it means I make money in those. Always. Know where the fleeing rats flee to. Be one. Be the first one. Already own the rat hotel they run to. Make money off that. It's like that with me and metals and fiats.

That being said,

It hasn't been necessary. The dips in the market are so meaningless now. It's becoming a very stable market. And that's great considering it has at least two more orders of magnitude of growth.

So Much Bitcoin Is Being Bought This Holiday Season (DUH, as to why) that we can expect a 500 Billion dollar crypto market (at about 60 percent Bitcoin Dominance) before Hans Gruber falls off Nakatomi Plaza.

I called it.

Just Now.

Now, if you READ my posts religiously, and you have been paying attention, you know what I know.

That means REAL MONEY is about to happen. Nothing tops the profit potential of the correcting Alt Market.

That's coming again

Be ready.

I will.

Bitcoin Dominance has to settle or the market can't move forward once it gets over 60 percent. it's a market dynamic.

Watch that pattern happen over and over again now.

Note: Too Many Cooks is about to happen to true just, Bitcoin Copies. They are going to seem increasingly irrelevant as their marketing budgets dry up.

Love You.


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