Buying Litecoin Right Now Is A VERY Smart Idea.

I just sold all my Bitcoin Cash. I bought Litecoin with it. Oh, I also figured out I should stop hating on They've been one of the few exchanges that have never screwed me. Sure, their transactions take forever sometimes, but they've never screwed me. Not like HitBTC has. I've never lost money because of Coinbase. I've just been inconvenienced. That's a heavy distinction.

"Why did you liquidate your Bitcoin Cash and turn it into Litecoin, S?"


I've seen this pattern many times. Litecoin is going to start cannibalizing Bitcoin Cash. I know it's going to happen. I did a post recently on cannibalization. Simply put, Litecoin has ten times more trust in it than a Bitcoin clone ever will.

Litecoin is going to eat Bitcoin Cash.

Watch it happen.

Buy you some Litecoin.

Love You,


(note: This is some of that exactly what I'm doing, and why)

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