Nem Is Perfect

Nem is perfect.

I'm sorry.

But it is.

It can handle VISA level transactions per second now. Like now now. Like right now. Because it's simply the best crypto tech on the top 50.

 It's the best tech.

It's better tech than Bitcoin by like 5 billion miles.

It's better tech than Eth by like, enough that they know. They know Nem is better tech. And it bothers the shit out of them like it should. Right?

If I had to guess right now what cryptocurrency will be used on Mars when Elon Musk colonizes it, I'd guess Nem. Because Eth simply isn't advanced enough to handle a workload that huge.

Nem or EOS.

Because those two choices are literally the only two that COULD do it.

If I were you, I'd buy A LOT of Nem and EOS.

Like I did ages ago.

Hint, Hint

Love You!

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