What Is Going On Right Now In The Top Ten?

I'll tell you what. Cannibalism. I saw an opportunity to explain something happening. This is a neat pattern to understand. And once I explain it this way, you'll always see it the next time it happens. And once you see enough patterns, it all starts to click like an MMORPG. That um, makes money.

Understanding this stuff is key to making decent mid predictions (4-7 days) or, my bread and butter.

Look at all the red. Look at the little green.

Monero and IOTA are cannibalizing all those coins that are red.

People are selling their positions in those other coins to get in on the Monero and IOTA bonanza.

Bitcoin is doing it's own thing. It just broke 12,000 USD. It's not going to be sacrificed for Monero or IOTA.

Now, look at that top ten. See what I'm describing. That's how it works. The money flows from one position to another. One super hot coin can suck the lifeforce out of the rest of the top ten. Even Bitcoin can suffer when it's not the hottest gift idea this Christmas season.

Notice Eth holding its own. It's not hurting that much. It is still the crown prince.

Pay special attention to the coins that are hurting more than others. It's the finest gauge of true market confidence you'll ever see.

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