What's Going On Right Now?

Right now Bitcoin Dominance is under 50 percent.

That means Bitcoin isn't underwriting the entire Crypto market anymore.

Which doesn't really mean much, other than every single time this happens, a coin close to Bitcoin on the top 10 starts climbing. Traditionally that has been Eth. Now we have Eth, Ripple, and BCH all in a position to take a run.

BCH just tried and failed. Now Ripple is trying.

There's a very good chance Eth will take a solo shot after Ripple gives up.

But after that? Bitcoin should start rising again.

I don't see Bitcoin falling below 15k.

I almost don't want to say that because now it will, but I'm still pretty sure the market won't allow it to happen.

But even if it does, it's Bitcoin. There's only one. It's terrible, yes. But we love it.

We will only allow there to be one coin as bad as Bitcoin and still exist. And that's Bitcoin.

I'm not seeing a big future for the clones/forks of Bitcoin.



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