Your Coming Trillion Dollar Crypto Market

First of all, it's happening. It's unavoidable now. You have too many currencies that are simply better than anything any other country is using to conduct business on a strictly technological level.

Of the top say, 50, you have currencies like Nem and Dent and EOS and Eth that are just light years beyond any other currency on Earth, technologically. Already.

Nem or EOS could replace every currency on Earth. Right now.

The rest could with subtle changes that would be easy.

Bitcoin could with one massive rewrite.

But that won't happen.


We are winning.

There's no need to mess with Bitcoin.

Currently the Algorithm favors an altcoin market.

They've seen what happens when they try to fuck with altcoins.

It gets fucking brutal is what happens. The entire market pukes, and tanks hard.

But we all like money.

So the coins actually doing something special keep rising.

Notice that.

Love you,


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